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  • Nome band: Armonight
  • Genere: Rock
  • Voce: Sy
  • Chitarra: Fjord
  • Chitarra: Lara
  • Basso: Frens
  • Batteria: Luca
  • Tastiera: Hokuto
  • Biografia: Armonight's first songs were composed during Spring 2006. In that period, Fjord was thinking about giving birth to a studio-project with Jenny (Garuda Kills) as singer. But in a few months, a whole band started being created, letting the guitar player to present his songs live. The first live show where songs as Past Shadows and Into my World were played, took place in the province of Vicenza on 24th February 2007. The band presented itself with the name ELIZABETH. Despite the good intentions, the foursome had not a massive luckiness, and at the end of 2007 it was decimated. The only person aimed at keep on playing with a full line-up was the guitar player Lara, who begun playing with Elizabeth in the month of April of the same year. Fjord gave her the duty to look for serious and motivated band members, while he would have worked on the choice of the singer and the composition of new songs. Some months passed by, and in Summer 2008 a new reality started being created with Lara (guitar), Isabel (bass), Ricky (drums) and Irena (voice). Fjord sampled the keys and worked out the second guitar, and in a short time the band was ready to play live again, this time under the name ARMONIGHT. During the early 2009 the tracks for the realization of the first full-length album were ready but, during the recording phase, the singer Irena was force to abandon the band to follow a different carreer. The auditions for a new singer began immediately, and after an accurate selection, Sy was chosen. The new entry went immediately along well and it was then necessary to readapt all the songs and begin with brand new recordings. In the meanwhile, even Isabel, the bass player, leaves the band. In 2010 the band is reduced to just four elements but things started turning to the right direction like never before: Sy was ready to enter the studios and Fjord is concerned to record the whole instrumental part, sharing the guitar parts with Lara. The band signs the first discographic contract with EmmeCiEsse and Mario gets enrolled as bass player. His permanence with the band won't last long, though, and in April 2010 the role will be given to Mirco, who had already played with the old Elizabeth, and who will accompany Armonight during the first transfer to London. In that occasion Armonight meet Phil Jones (S.E.X.) who will enroll them for a short tour in Wales, in July of the same year. In the meanwhile (June 2010) the first album Suffering and Passion comes out, ready for the band's first tour out of the Italian borders. Before leaving, a shifter bass player is needed, and this time it's Frens who is willing to join the band, during and even after the tour, with great satisfaction both of the band and of himself. The experience comes out to be a great success: Armonight conquer the audience and the album Suffering and Passion gets the sympathy of the listener, at the point of being choosen as 'Best album of the Year' by a local webzine. During the following months, Armonight appear in the better magazines and webzines about underground music; they participate to many contest with great results, and even local radios start being interested in their music. At the end of 2010 they finally find the last member of the line-up: Hokuto is at the Keyboards. 2011 starts with energy and self esteem: the band appears for the first time in the most important Newspaper of their city and in the meanwhile they organize their first headliner-tour in the UK. But right in this occasion, Ricky expresses his will to get a rest period to recover from some health issues, giving up for the tour. But Armonight don't give up, and the search for a shifter drummer starts inmediately. The tour proceeds greatly: the Italian band gets more and more fans and a new contract with Raven Heart Music Label for the album to come. And their fist recording of a 'Live DVD' gets done, during one of the gigs of the tour. Once back home, the local newspaper publishes a full reportage of the tour, with interview and photos, but the main problem is still that concerning the drummer and his physical health, so that they recommends him to leave the band. October 2011 Nicolas will take his place in the line up. In the meanwhile, Fjord (this time with Sy) has all the material ready to enter the studios for the second album, Tales from the Heart. The recordings of the instrumental parts start, to finish then with voice recording, mixing and mastering at Hate Studio, in May 2012. 4th August 2012 With your Knife official video gets published. It's the first single of the new album, released on September 17th for Raven Heart Music. The album gets good reviews by the critic. Armonight's sound has improved and the album is a very enjoyable one. After a good end of 2012 with a tour in the Netherlands, a great beginning of 2013 and the publication of the second official videoclip from Tales from the Heart, Dancing with Ghosts, the band keeps on organizing live gigs, tours and starts working on the third album. In July 2013 during the starting of the recordings for the new album, the drummer Nicolas gets away from the band for incomprehensional issues with Fjord. Luca takes his place, and while the band gives him time to improve the songs, it is Vincent Purple, Fjord's Brother and ex drummer of Lothüs who will tour with the band during the usual summer tour in Great Britain. Luca's first gig with Armonight takes place in France at Sacrifest, and after the gig he is ready to enter the studios and record, for the first time in Armonight's history, an acoustic drumkit. The release of this third album will be done between 2013 and 2014 and the sound of RECOVER (this is the title) is a real shift in the band's style: the get more and more towards an energic and lively rock, where the melancholic Keys of the previous albums make room for the guitars.
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