Live Blues-Punk @ Via Roma 17 - Dueville (VI); Movie Star Junkies


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  • Indirizzo del Locale: via Roma 17, Dueville (VI)
  • Quando: Giovedì, 22 Novembre 2018
  • A che ora: 22:00
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    Giovedì 22 Novembre // Viaroma17 // presenta:
    Movie Star Junkies [ Blues Punk ] - Torino -
    Voodoo Rhythm Records

    Born in 2005 the band was originally a duo.Their main influences had always been the Birthday Party and the Gun Club and in the early years they start to play a couple of shows in Italy with just a drum and an organ. In 2006 a guitarist join the band for the recordings of the first 7 inch,recorded in a refregerate cell with a 4 tracks and released the same year by A Fistful of Records(Holland):"A-side Dolls Come In is a slow,moody,mean floor crawlerreminding you of about everything negative or dark sounding record in the Crypt catalog,but without leaving me with the possibility to refer to this or that band...desperate vocals,moaning organ,trashy distorted've been there so you feel at home but still...b-side Garsin continues in the same vein,only a little less prominent.keep your eyes peeled folks,this was my live surprise of 2007 so far and i really think we're onto something here." Sam Geert s -up yours magazine - Belgium ."After several compilations and gigs in France Croatia and U.k.(also opening acts for Jon Spencer Blues Explosion,Lost Sounds...)the trio put out a new 7 inch released by Nasty Poduct(France)and hit Europe again for a month,performing in clubs,squats galleries and streets.In 2007 they record 5 songs in the same refregerate cell and the italian label No-fi records releases them for a limited cassette series:"Here we are with the second limited edition tape from the underground roman label No fi recordings.These Movie Star Junkies seems to be ready to go down to the deepest and darkest side of rock n roll,with a claustrophobic sound that clarely reminds the Scientists and the Chrome Cranks,you can easily find the influence of these 2 bands listening to Black Caraibi,Requiem pour un con by Serge Gainsbourg,Subliminal Man .the visionary s/t and the kinda n.y.sound The Sink Song are enough to realise how unique this band is in the italian music scene.
    Fabio Polvani-blow up magazine-Italy".In the same year another guitarist and a saxophone player join the band,and after the second european tour(in France Germany Belgium and Holland)the band is ready to record 10 new songs,4 of them will be released the year after on a 10 inch split w/ The feeling of love by Rijapov/bibimbap records(Italy/France).In early 2008 the band is formed by 2 guitars 1 bass drums organ and voice,and under the influences of Radikal Satan and Il Gran Teatro Amaro starts to perform some acoustic shows too.In january part of the LP is recorded in a farm near the original refregerate cell (Cuneo),and part will be recorded in march in the complete analog studio "Outside Inside"(Treviso)after another european tour with The feeling of love, with gigs in Hungary Slovenia and East Europe too.
    DAL VIVO: 22:00

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