Live Rock @ ViaRoma 17, Dueville (VI) - Margaret Doll Rod Heartthrob Chassis


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  • Indirizzo del Locale: Via Roma n.17, Dueville Vicenza
  • Quando: Venerdì, 19 Ottobre 2018
  • A che ora: 22:00
  • Descrizione Evento:

    Venerdì 19 Ottobre // Viaroma17 // presenta:

    >> Margaret Dollrod HEARTTHROB CHASSIS - USA -

    Loud, futuristic, extroverted yet subterranean inner space reflective rock n' roll with a psychedelic edge from one of the innovators of the post-Gories, pre-White Stripes Detroit rock n' roll era.
    Margaret Doll Rod, well known for her work both solo and with Detroit goddesses of guitar-driven delinquency, the Demolition Doll Rods, has got some new songs and new sounds. 
    Margaret'snew band Heartthrob Chassis is something different. Her guitar vocabulary has developed further beyond the Doll Rods' aggressive/primitive outlook, and these days her extended guitar workouts often suddenly shift from a steady tough glam rhythm grind, blasting off into visions of silver machines and cosmic stardust, stepping outside of the "garage" to gaze awhile into infinity and une into the vibrations of the universe.
    Margaret's guitar jams and thoughtful lyrics ride atop the roaring waves of street vibes pounded out by drummer Jamie Spiker and rhythm/lead guitarist Ben Van Camp. The three-piece Heartthrob Chassis have opened up a new direction for Margaret Doll Rod. 
    The music is first and foremost about the SONGS, which Margaret is a prolific writer of, and secondly the SONIC
    ENVELOPMENT of these songs as this group of musicians hammers the rhythms and melodies into your brain.
    But musical subtleties aside, make no mistake, this band is raw and loud and driven by the relentless energy that has always been the heartbeat of Margaret Doll Rod's music.
    PORTE: 18
    DAL VIVO: 22

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