Live Rock @ Viaroma17 - Dueville (VI); Ecstatic Vision


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  • Indirizzo del Locale: Via Roma n.17, Dueville Vicenza
  • Quando: Sabato, 28 Luglio 2018
  • A che ora: 22:00
  • Descrizione Evento:

    SABATO 28 LUGLIO // Viaroma17 // presenta:
    ✦ Ecstatic Vision ✦ USA Relapse Records ✦


    The Philadelphia trio Ecstatic Vision have toured with metal acts like YOB and Enslaved, and they're signed to the metal-associated label Relapse Records, and they look like a metal band. But Ecstatic Vision's forthcoming five-song debut, Sonic Praise, only occasionally intersects with metal, and when it does, it resembles bands like Hawkwind or Monster Magnet or Earthless.

    These are tripped-out, sun-baked, cloud-high psychedelic jams drawing from free jazz, Krautrock, and Afrobeat, resulting in music that lives up to the lofty promises made in both the band's name and their album's title. To the extent this stuff might be conflated, confused, or associated with metal.
    DOORS: 18:00
    ON STAGE: 22:00

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