Slimer Party: Live Rock @ Groove - Lugo (VI); Cool Ghouls


Informazioni sull'evento

  • Indirizzo del Locale: Via Martiri della Libertà, 8, 36030 Lugo di Vicenza VI
  • Quando: Sabato, 17 Febbraio 2018
  • A che ora: 22.00
  • Descrizione Evento:


    SAT. 17 / 02/ 2018

    H. 22:30 LIVE

    <<<<<<<<<< COOL GHOULS >>>>>>>>>>>





    Formed in 2011, while most of the band were still college students at SF State, Cool Ghouls has been a mainstay and crowd favorite among the Bay Area's rock'n'roll scene for the last 7 years. Increasingly, they are becoming a crowd favorite in cities elsewhere too.

    Their most recent release, Gord's Horse, was a self-produced EP, made available as a tour-exclusive cassette for their US tour last May. It has since been made available online. This was 8 months after 2016's Animal Races, the group's 3rd full-length album. Does this mean Cool Ghouls are due for another soon? Yes. But they are running a bit behind schedule.

    Not to say that they haven't had a busy 2017. Ryan Wong released his solo debut, More Milk, in August; Pat Thomas is almost finished with his solo follow-up to Coasters Riding in the Air; and demo-ing is well underway for the band's fourth LP, which will finish taking shape in 2018. And in February, the ghouls will return to Europe for a month-long tour. So, there's plenty of Cool Ghouls to look forward to.

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