Live Metal @ Grind House - Padova (PD); Sinatras + Brothers Of No One


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  • Indirizzo del Locale: Via Giacinto Andrea Longhin, 37, 35129 Padova PD
  • Quando: Venerdì, 20 Ottobre 2017
  • A che ora: 23:00
  • Descrizione Evento:

    VENERDI' 20 OTTOBRE 2017


    Il primo evento del format per l'VIII stagione del Grind House sarà all'insegna del metal più contemporaneo con due straordinarie band vicentine!

    • Sinatras - Death/Thrash'n'Roll

    Fla Sinatra - VOICE
    Lele Sinatra - GUITARS
    Lispio Sinatra - BASS
    Minkio Sinatra - GUITARS
    Phil Sinatra - DRUMS

    Mix the Thrash of 80's, the Death of 90's with the freshness of Rock'n'Roll and the attitude of old school Hardcore.
    After the first "SIX•SEXY•SONGS" Ep (self-producted on 2014), on Jan 06th 2017 the band has released, via LOGIC IL LOGIC Records, the first full lenght album called "DROWNED".
    The album contains 11 track of pure modern Death/Thrash Metal with catchy choruses and groovy breakdowns....will be shurely appreciate from fans of CARCASS, ENTOMBED, PANTERA, HATEBREED...and many more.
    Now the band is working to promote the new album live with many national and european shows.

    LABEL: Logic il Logic Records

    For many infos, merch and contacts visit

    • Brothers of no one - Nu Metal

    Andrea Orso - Vocal
    Alessandro Marsiletti - Guitar
    Diego Rossato - Guitar
    Mirko Gonzo - Bass
    Elia Rolenty - Drums and samplers

    The band was formed in 2006 from an idea of Rossato Diego and Francesco Salvadore but was sidelined almost immediately and then be picked up in 2011 with all members present. The band chose to remain in the testing room until he recorded an LP and then go out LIVE in with a product that is already in hand.
    Now offering a CROSSOVER / NU METAL old-fashioned, simple and direct

    For many infos, merch and contacts visit

    entry: 5 euros - you need tessera ARCI

    info e liste:
    Filippo Ragazzo

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